Committee member recruitment

We are looking for new committee members to help us continue to support visually impaired people; to develop the club; and to secure our future for the next five to ten years.

Who are we looking for?

As a small charity, we need people who can help us to turn ideas into reality and who want to get stuck in to the ‘day-to-day’ running of the club as well as people with great ideas.

An interest in or experience of either cycling or visual impairment, while not essential, is helpful, but even more important is enthusiasm and being able to lead projects and make them happen.

We are especially keen to recruit people who have experience of fundraising; people who can help us to develop our online presence and people who can help us to recruit new members. We are also keen to recruit visually impaired people.

Time commitment

The committee meets in Bury for about two hours every six weeks, in the evening. Committee members spend a further one or two hours per week on club business.

General duties of committee members

  • Developing strategies to ensure that the club continues to provide cycling-focused social opportunities for visually impaired people.
  • Agreeing and carrying out action plans
  • Ensuring that we operate legally and in accordance with our constitution
  • Acting in the best interests of the club
  • Managing the club’s resources responsibly
  • Acting with reasonable care and skill
  • Ensuring the charity is accountable
  • Being an active champion of the club
  • Being actively involved in planning and organising occasional events, such as fundraisers and socials.

If you would like to find out more about being on a committee, Reach Skills has some excellent information about becoming a trustee.

If you are interested, then please read one of the job descriptions below. There is no formal interview process. Get in contact with us through our contact form or by telephoning 07732542144 and we can invite you to our next committee meeting. This is so that we make sure that we can offer you what you are looking for, as much as making sure that you fit the ethos of the club.

Committee Job Description

Committee Job Description-fundraiser

Committee Job Description-digital