Weekly rides

Tandem club members stopped at the top of a hillWe ride every Sunday, setting off from Tottington at 9.30am. Rides vary from between 40 and 60 miles with a lunch stop at a cafe. We get back between 2.30pm and 4pm usually. Destinations includes Lymm, Croston, Walton-Le-Dale, Whalley Abbey, Hebden Bridge, Dunham Massey.

During the week, each tandem is set up for the pair who are riding it, so it is important that riders let Derek know if they need to cancel.



12 August. Riding to Hollingworth Lake

Derek, Alan and Harry riding on triplet

Martin riding with Wayne

Steve M riding with Chris

Steve C riding with Derek V.

19 August. Riding to Rivington

 Derek, Laura and Harry riding on triplet

Peter riding with Wayne

Heather riding with Derek V.

Sharon, Alan, Steve M and Steve C need pilots

26 August. Riding to Todmorden

Derek, Alan and Harry riding on triplet

Martin riding with Wayne

Ashley riding with Alex

Steve M, Steve C need pilots

31 August – phone Derek for the next rota (16, 23, 30 September, 7, 14 October)

2 September. Riding to Haigh Hall

Derek, Sharon and Harry riding on triplet

Heather riding with Kath

Steve M riding with Wayne

Bradley riding with Derek V.

Steve C riding with Rick

Alan needs a pilot

9 September. Sponsored ride to Southport

Derek riding with Harry

Peter riding with Bobby

Sharon riding with Matthew

Laura riding with Chris

Alan riding with Alex

Steve C riding with  Derek V.

Ashley riding with  Ben

Wayne on solo

If you can’t make a ride, make sure to let your partner and Derek know in good time.